Water Heaters

Increasingly, hot water tanks vary in design, capacity and functionality. 

Today, you can choose from:

  • Natural draft tanks (which make use of your chimney)
  • Power vented tanks (which are vented through the wall of the home)
  • Indirect hot water tanks (which use your boiler to heat your domestic hot water)
  • Tankless/on-demand units 

Regardless of which one you choose or your home requires, we can help with service and installation; we deal with all makes and models.

Quotes and proposals you can understand

When you call us for a quote, you get more than a dollar figure. You’ll understand what you are buying and why. 

We will design a custom proposal, based on your home’s specifications and then walk you through our recommendations in plain English – with no technical jargon.

Durable equipment gives you peace of mind

We know the systems that are built to last, will run trouble-free and will give you comfort and peace of mind, year after year. When in doubt – ask us!

Kelly’s Heating - approved equipment choices 

Below, is the literature for the Kelly’s Heating-approved equipment we recommend and install. You’ll see that each is durable, high-quality and considerate of the environment and your utility bill.  

Don’t feel overwhelmed – this stuff can appear much more complicated then it really is, particularly if you’re not familiar with the terms. If you have questions once you’ve read the material, give us a call at (416) 483-8077 and we’ll happily walk you through the differences between each option and find the best match for your needs.


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