We’ve been installing and servicing air conditioning systems in Leaside, Forest Hill, Rosedale, North Toronto and Lawrence Park for decades. 

Depending on how your home is heated (hot water or forced air) there are different air conditioning systems to choose from:

  • If your home is heated with forced air - a central air conditioning system is what your home will require
  • If your home is heated with hot water - ductless air conditioning or an attic unit (forced air system installed in the attic) is what your home will require

Regardless of which system you’re in need of, we deal with all makes and models.


Expert, trained installers

Proper installation makes a difference for many, many years to come. 

All Kelly’s Heating staff members are factory-trained on the specific products we install. This matters a lot in the older Toronto neighbourhoods we operate in because older systems, particularly hot water heating systems, are often the norm.

Quotes and proposals you can understand

When you call us for a quote, you get more than a dollar figure. You’ll understand what you are buying and why. 

We will design a custom proposal, based on your home’s specifications and then walk you through our recommendations in plain English – with no technical jargon.

Durable equipment gives you peace of mind

Regardless of which air conditioning system you have now, we can service it! We deal with all makes and models.

And, if you’re buying new, we know the air conditioning systems that are built to last, will run trouble-free and give you comfort and peace of mind, year after year. When in doubt – ask us!


Kelly’s Heating - approved equipment choices

Below, is the literature for the Kelly’s Heating-approved equipment we recommend and install. You’ll see that each is durable, high-quality and considerate of the environment and your utility bill.  

Don’t feel overwhelmed – this stuff can appear much more complicated then it really is, particularly if you’re not familiar with the terms. If you have questions once you’ve read the material, give us a call at (416) 483-8077 and we’ll happily walk you through the differences between each option and find the best match for your needs.

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