Be Informed Before You Sign

 Feb 19, 2018 1:00 PM

Hands protecting house

As a heating contractor I encounter some issues on repeat in our neighborhood. 

1. New homebuyers that purchase without a site inspection from an HVAC professional only to find out that their new house contains a system that:

  • Has not been maintained properly and requires significant service
  • Is unsafe and has code violations

A general home inspection frequently overlooks specific issues that relate to HVAC equipment. It is our recommendation that we are called in before purchases are made because often these issues can be diagnosed and the costs associated “transferred” to the seller so repair can be taken care of prior to your move in.

2. Renovations where the builder did not consult with a mechanical engineer for the HVAC design.

We repeatedly see brand new equipment that needs to be replaced because it was undersized, or improperly installed, and therefore doesn’t allow the equipment to function properly. In a lot of cases, this unfortunately leads to new drawings, purchases and install.

Moral of the story…

  • Contact a qualified HVAC contractor prior to signing on the dotted line of a new purchase or renovation design. 
  • Don’t underestimate this step! Involve us early on. 
  • Forcing mechanical designs to match a layout that has already been constructed can be extremely costly and have negative effects on the performance of the system. 

We are here to help and happy to trouble shoot with you over the phone, be involved in your round table meetings and site inspections.

Let us help you purchase and build with confidence.

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